Looking for something different in a pet? Have you considered an unusual pet?
Some species require minimal housing and are great for beginners, whilst other species should be kept only by experienced keepers.

There is a huge range of 'unusual pets'. Here are some species you might consider:

  • Reptiles
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Ferrets
  • Rats & Mice
  • Amphibians (Frogs, Axolotls)
  • Invertebrates ( such as spider, stick insects, hermit crabs)
  • Native Animals kept as pets (licence usually required)

See our Species Care sheets for general health care advice

Keep reptiles?  This  is the book for you! Co-authored by Dr Brendan Carmel

Keep reptiles? This is the book for you! Co-authored by Dr Brendan Carmel


Q. What is an appropriate small animal for a beginner?

A. Consider a Guinea Pig, Rabbit or a Rat. These small mammals are gentle animals. For reptile enthusiasts we would advise a Bluetongue Lizard or a Bearded Dragon. It is best to gain experience with species such as these before considering a snake as a pet.

Q. When should I visit the clinic?

A. We receive many calls about unusual pets - many of which require to see you and your pet in order to provide the correct advice. Look over the files and links from this page for general information on unusual pet care.
Note that a veterinarian needs to physically see an unwell animal in order to provide appropriate treatment and dispense medications so if you pet is unwell call us on (03) 9879-0900 to arrange a visit. See About Your Visit for more details on your visit.