Warranwood Veterinary Centre 
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Looking for veterinarians who care for many species?

Just some of our patients:

Rabbits, Reptiles (Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, Crocodilians), Rats & Mice, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs and Native Animals kept as Pets

and Yes - we would love to look after your dog and cat!

 Where are we located?
Warranwood: a NorthEastern suburb of Melbourne, Australia


Our Clinic

Find out about our clinic, our team, and some of our projects and cases.

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Warranwood Veterinary Centre

Warranwood Veterinary Centre

About Your Visit

Ready to take the next step? Find out what to bring with your pet and how to get to us.

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Cartoon courtesy  Dr Robert Johnson

Cartoon courtesy Dr Robert Johnson

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The textbook  for all reptile owners.

Co-authored by Dr Brendan Carmel

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this book should be compulsory reading to anyone working with reptiles—vets, herpetologists, scientists, zookeepers... an outstanding contribution to herpetological literature.
— Dr Bob Doneley BVSc FANZCVS Head of Service, University of Queensland Veterinary Medical Centre
Order your  signed copy now!

Order your signed copy now!