Dr Brendan Carmel

BVSc MVS MANZCVSC (Unusual Pets) GDipComp

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Brendan is the owner of Warranwood Veterinary Centre and Senior Veterinarian

Brendan has extensive experience as a veterinarian, graduating from the University of Melbourne. Some career highlights include

  • Zoo Veterinarian for 3 years at Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria where he completed a Masters of Veterinary Studies in Australian Native Wildlife
  • Consultant and lecturer (ongoing) in Wildlife and Exotic Pet Medicine at the University of Melbourne faculty of veterinary science and James Cook University, Townsville
  • Committee member and past president of the Unusual Pet and Avian Veterinarians (UPAV) special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association
  • Founding member of the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (AEMV) www.aemv.org
  • Founding member of the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians www.arav.org
  • Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Unusual Pet Medicine and Surgery
  • Associate Editor, Australian Veterinary Journal
  • Frequent speaker at National and International Veterinary Conferences
  • Winner of the 2015 Oxbow Exotic Mammal Health Award for excellence in exotic mammal health and care. Brendan is the first person from the Southern Hemisphere to win this award


Dr Tania Mitchell

Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Massey University, New Zealand

  • Bachelor of Science (Zoology), University of Melbourne
  • Tania has a strong interest in Unusual and Exotic Pet care, with a particular interest in Avian Medicine

Dr Belinda Oppenheimer

BVSc (Hons) University of Melbourne

  • Graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2013

  •  She started her career in shelter medicine, with a special interest in the needs of exotic pets in the shelter environment.  
  • Belinda is the chief vet for Greyhound Rescue Victoria, and a veterinary adviser for numerous other rehoming and animal welfare groups.
  • Belinda is owned by two ex-blood donor greyhounds, Till and Tobias, Acarath the Eastern blue tongue lizard, and Vüdü and Pinball the cockatiels.
Belinda with her two greyhounds Till and Tobias

Belinda with her two greyhounds Till and Tobias


Dr Michelle Sutherland

BSc Zoology (Hons 1) BVM&S MANZCVS (Avian Health) CertAVP (Zoo Medicine)

Michelle Sutherland


  • Originally from the UK where she worked in small animal and exotic practices, Michelle moved to Australia in 2012, and is delighted to have recently become an Australian citizen

  • Michelle enjoys treating all unusual pets whether they have fur, feathers or scales, but she has a particular soft spot for birds and rabbits
  • Michelle is a residency trained veterinarian, and is currently working towards specialist avian qualifications
  • Michelle grew up with cats, dogs, terrapins, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and tropical fish, and is currently the owner of a naughty cockatiel called Marmalade. She and her husband are also kept busy looking after their young daughter

Dr Lizzie Goldstraw

BVSc BSc MANZCVS (Unusual Pets)

Lizzie and Friend

Lizzie and Friend

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science, University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne
  • 4 years in the UK working with unusual pets before returning to Melbourne
  • Lizzie has kept rabbits at home for over 10 years, and kept various unusual pets whilst growing up  such as turtles, frogs, insects

Nursing Staff

Mrs Traci Brinksma

  • Practice Manager
  • Traci is a qualified pet groomer and has been a member of our staff since the clinic opened
  • Extensive experience of pet care, having owned many species including guinea pigs, rats, ducks and cats!

Mrs Melinda Dalley

  • Senior Veterinary Nurse
  • An experienced veterinary nurse with a interest in surgical nursing and emergency care
  • Melinda lives locally and has two boisterous dogs at home to keep her busy. She has a talent of having a calming effect on staff and clients during busy periods

Ms Sam Lovett



  • Sam joined the team at Warranwood in July 2016, with 15 years of nursing behind her in general practice and emergency.
  • Having grown up in the UK, she was able to keep a wide range of pets- furry, feathered, aquatic & scaled. These included Boa Constrictors and a Chameleon. Her unusual pet interest makes her a great fit for our clinic.
  • Sam has been actively involved in wildlife rescue, but restricts her personal menagerie to rescued dogs, cats and guinea pigs. Sam loves the diversity and challenge of the wide range of patients cared for at Warranwood.

Laura McDonough


Laura and some Chinese Crested friends

Laura and some Chinese Crested friends

  • Laura is the newest member of our team
  • She is a qualified veterinary nurse with an interest in Canine Behaviour and Training
  • When not at the clinic Laura is with her Chinese Crested dogs. She runs the non-profit No Hairs Ark Chinese Crested Rescue, a registered charity.
  •  Laura is also studying Environmental Enrichment and Grooming
  •  Spare time is taken up appreciating all things David Bowie... and Dad Jokes.

Mrs Amy Whitten

  • Amy lives locally as is on hand to fill in when other team members are sick, as well as having a regular shift on most Saturday mornings
  • Her various animals, including a turtle an almost-famous sausage dog, husband and two young children, keep her busy
  • You will know Amy is working if you hear someone singing or whistling away... she is invariably happy!