Here are some of our patients and interesting cases

Giant Tortoise o tube placement

Giant Tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantic)

This Giant Tortoise, weighing over 200kg, was having an oesophagostomy tube placed directly into its stomach so we could feed it via the tube. The tube was left in place for 3 months whilst it recovered.

Guinea Pig Caesarean

Guinea Pig Caesarean

Mum and pups (guinea pig young are called pups) 1 hour after caesarean section. The pups were eating a slurry mix 2 hours after the surgery!


Rabbit Incisor malocclusion

Severe incisor malocclusion in a rabbit

This severe incisor malocclusion is typical of congenital dental disease of rabbits. A large percentage of these rabbits respond well to removal of all incisors (there are 6).