Welcome Belinda - our new Associate vet

Welcome to our new part-time veterinarian Belinda Oppenheimer!
Some of you may have already met Belinda, having helped us out on several occasions over the last few months. 
Belinda is now a permanent part-time member of our team, helping cover the shifts of Dr Lizzie (as Lizzie is on maternity leave- congratulations on the birth of Angus). Belinda has already managed to get a reputation as a Chicken Vet - saving some very ill chooks brought to our clinic.
Belinda graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2013, after wanting to become an exotics vet since primary school. Developing a passion for animal welfare during university, she started her career in shelter medicine, with a special interest in the needs of exotic pets in the shelter environment. Aside from exotic pets, she has a big soft spot for rescue greyhounds, and is the chief vet for Greyhound Rescue Victoria, and a veterinary adviser for numerous other rehoming and animal welfare groups. Belinda is owned by two ex-blood donor greyhounds, Till and Tobias, Acarath the Eastern blue tongue lizard, and Vüdü and Pinball the cockatiels.


Belinda with Till and Tobias