Associate Degree in Veterinary Nursing

We often have enquiries from clients wanting to know how to become a Veteirnary nurse and what qualifications and training courses are available.  

Dr Carmel has been involved with the development of the new associate degree of veterinary nursing at Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly NMIT). This is the first associate degree for veterinary nursing in Australia and is a higher qualification than the Certificate level nursing courses. 

It can be difficult to enrol in a veterinary nursing course that requires you to already work at a clinic! One way of getting into the industry is to volunteer. It might be at a rescue shelter such as our friends at Rabbit Runaway Orphanage or Chuffnut Cavies

We are proud to say all our vets are actively involved in teaching, not only to veterinary nurses but also veterinary students. Both Dr Brendan and Dr Lizzie give presentations to other veterinarians.