Is your pet Unusual?

Desert Wolf Spider

Desert Wolf Spider

As you could imagine we see many different types of unusual pets. As stated elsewhere on our website 'It's what we do all day, every day'. So it's no surprise to us when the waiting room comprises of a ferret, a bearded dragon, a crocodile, a rabbit and a mouse - and of course the accompanying owners of the above mentioned pets!

Some of the more challenging (dare we say fun?) cases we have seen recently include:

  • Cataracts in a frog
  • Congenital heart disease in a young snake
  • Cancer in a rat
  • Osteoathritis in a Thorny Devil lizard

We also provide advice for various wildlife parks, schools and NGO's (Non Government Organisations). Caring for some of these animals is a challenge, for example how do your examine an eel?

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